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Janet: I most recently moved with Father & Son Movers from Staten Island to Brooklyn. I am a repeat customer of this company from 28 years ago, and I have to say that my most recent move was just as pleasurable as my previous move in 1989. I was most surprised to find out that the same foreman from 28 years ago, “Fitz”, shows up at my door to perform my move! I was in total shock! All I can say is that this company is a class act from the time they take your call until the time the move is totally complete. Fitz and his entire crew are absolute gentleman throughout the move. All the men showed up to my house in complete uniform looking like collegiate soldiers. They proceeded to wrap all of my items in these heavy blankets for protection, used tools to disassemble my beds and my granddaughter's swing set , took the legs off my baby grand piano, and reassembled and delivered my piano and the rest of my belongings in PERFECT CONDITION. I would give this company 10 Stars if I could. However, I was only limited to 5 stars. I highly recommend this company.


Pamela Rinaldi: The experience I had when relocating to Oceola, Florida is worth calling awesome. The entire crew was exceptional. They wrapped all of my items to perfection. They itemized every single item going onto their moving vehicle and put color coded stickers on each item to decipher my items from those of others on the trailer. Yoel, the crew chief , is the best! My items arrived in Florida within 72 hours of my original pick up. I highly recommended Father & Son—especially Yoel.


Carl Smith: Father and Son has the most awesome storage facility I have ever seen. Their storage warehouse, without any exaggeration whatsoever, is comparable to a 5 star resort! The office looked like a clip out of a Hollywood movie with mahogany desks, a granite kitchen, a humongous elevator, and a plush customer waiting area that included leather couches, flat screen TVs, and food and beverages. They even had a full fledged gym for employees and customers that is nicer than LA FITNESS! I recommend you go visit the Father & Son storage facility. You will be in awe and total shock to see how beautiful the facility is. 10 stars!


Donald Rogers: I was very happy with my move with Father and Son Moving Company Inc. They used protective covers to protect the bed and mattress, since I was very concerned with the idea of catching other customers' bed bugs. To make me feel even more secure, the moving guy in charge, “Willie,” sanitized the entire truck right in front of me PRIOR to my items being loaded onto the moving vehicle and didn’t charge me a dime. Thank you Willie for a super move. Thank you Father and Son Moving Company for an excellent job.


Henry Edwards: Prompt, friendly, honest, and responsive to our needs and questions. They moved with urgency, while still caring for our belongings with more professionalism than I thought possible from a moving company. I recommend this company for your moving needs.


Marlene Jones: All four movers that performed my move were respectful and thorough. All my items were wrapped properly. The men were diligent with wrapping all my fragile figurines, which I was very worried about. All of my figurines and furniture arrived in Baltimore Maryland without damage. The only problem I had was that a vanity mirror had cracked. Otherwise, the rest of the move was excellent.


Robert Hugh: This was a very big move for us. My wife and I are "empty nesters." Like many of our "baby boomers," we were facing the daunting task from a capacious suburban home on a large treed lot to a more compact urban location. All the movers were very good. They did a fantastic job and got rid of a lot of our items and them into the dumpster we had rented at no extra charge. They placed the rest of the items into our much smaller home without causing any damage to any of our bulky furniture. Hopefully this is my last move. However, if I were to move again, I would use Father and Son. Perfect job. No damages. Accurate pricing.


Sandra Davison: I did NOT move with this company. However, I was cut off while driving by one of their trucks, and the driver never apologized. I hope they move furniture better than their drivers can drive a truck!


Darryl Smith: I moved from Brooklyn to Staten Island on a day when it was pouring rain. When the truck arrived at my home, I was concerned that my furniture would get ruined in the rain. With confidence, the driver at Father and Son assured me that every single item will be completely covered in my home BEFORE they brought the items out of my home. As promised, the entire crew covered everything in my home to protect it. All the men even wore these booty type things on their feet, as to prevent any water from coming into my home. I have to admit, when I first saw the rain, I was about to cancel my move. However, the movers at Father and Son transformed a rainy day into a pleasurable moving experience. Thank you.


Tanya Williams: Great job moving me! All the men were fast and professional. The cost was exactly what I was quoted. Very impressed with the movers. Highly recommend.


Frank Richardson: Let’s not sugarcoat it: Moving is a pain, even if you hire the best moving company. I hate moving and hopefully I never have to do it again. However, Father & Son Moving & Storage made it very smooth and convenient for us. We really appreciated their service.


Cheryl Roberts: All’s well that ends well. I was very happy with my move, especially since we finished an hour before the estimated time which saved me money. Superb!


Barbara Woods: I called Father and Son Moving Company to move me to Virginia Beach. An estimator came to my home to see everything I was moving and gave me an estimate in writing. The estimator was very detailed and precise by writing down every single item that needed to be moved. My items were picked up on a Tuesday and delivered the very next day. Quick and efficient service. I commend the men for all their hard work. I would definitely recommend Father and Son for your long-distance move.


Keith Sanders: Moving is very hectic and nerve-wracking. However, the team of gentleman dispatched to on move day (Percy, Larry, and Fabian) made my moving experience delightful. They worked together like a greasy machine. Each one of them knew exactly how to communicate with one another, without even speaking. This was totally amazing. Percy is as strong as a bear, carrying a refrigerator on his back onto the truck without any help. The only negative part of my move was when we discovered that my couch did not fit into the elevator in my building. However, Fabian and Larry came to the rescue. They walked my couch up 18 stories within my building staircase and into my apartment. VERY IMPRESSIVE. I was very satisfied with my move and especially satisfied with Percy, Larry, and Fabian.


Ronald Huffman: My move consisted of moving 1 item only: a couch. However, the difficult part of my job consisted of hoisting this couch out of a window and down to the sidewalk—4 stories above ground. Father & Son Moving and Storage Inc. had sent me 5 guys to perform my job. I have to say that the men were nothing less than professionals. The men arrived at my home and immediately secured the sidewalk with cones and caution tape. They then wrapped my couch entirely with blankets to protect it. They then placed this heavy rope type material around the couch. One guy remained on the sidewalk, one guy extended a two story ladder up towards my window, and the other three guys remained four stories above in my apartment. Now the fun began. The three men upstairs placed my couch out the window and slowly lowered it down two stories to the man standing on the ladder two stories above ground. That man now slowly guided my couch onto the ladder and guided it down two stories to the man on the ground. TOTALLY AMAZING. Great job completed by a GREAT COMPANY.


Grant Holmes: From my initial conversation with the representative from Father & Son Moving till the completion of my move, everything was smooth and worry-free. The moving team was skillful, and they worked harmoniously with one another. On time. On budget.


Helen Elie: Father & Son Moving handled my move from NY to Florida. All of the men were extremely polite and professional, and they took the fear out of my move. The foreman assured me all will go well, and he completely gained my confidence and relaxed me. All of my items arrived in Florida without any damages to my furniture. I already recommended my neighbor to Father & Son. Expect a call from Joanna Schumo.


Laura Chiofalo: Everything arrived unbroken, properly protected, and the movers themselves were quick and friendly. In a world full of shady movers, Father & Son stepped up to the plate and delivered (literally). I will definitely recommend them to others. I am happy I used them.


Jamie Hunter: Excellent service! This is my second time using your company to move. Hands down, you guys are the best moving company around. Next month, I will be starting a renovation on my home and will need some storage space. Again, I will be giving you a call. Please send me the same crew if you can. Thank you.


Jon Rossi: Father & Son moving is a great moving company. I would for sure recommend them to anyone seeking a mover. The moving men were very organized and experienced. I would also like to thank my move coordinator Kim for making my move go smoothly.


Sandra Stevens: I had a move from Brooklyn to Westchester. Unfortunately, my apartment in Brooklyn was on the 4th floor. The three gentlemen who arrived at my apartment moved all of my items (many of them very heavy) down the stairs without ever complaining or taking a break. The price was right on point. Super job guys!


Joshua Fishman: Father and Son’s prices are great, and the price they quote you is the price you will pay. Great service and price.


Lamont Taylor: I hired Father and Sons Movers to relocate me from Staten Island, New York to Middletown, New Jersey. I have moved in the past with another moving company which was a complete disaster. This was not the case with Father and Son. All of the moving guys were very respectful and professional throughout the entire move. They even disassembled and reassembled my daughter's swing set without charging me anything extra. If you need to hire an honest and reliable moving company, Father and Son is your mover.


Trisha Williams: The entire staff at this company is extremely professional and very accommodating. I had to reschedule my move three times due to closing issues. Dina, the scheduling coordinator, accommodated my requests each and every time. I was a nervous wreck while trying to schedule this move, and Dina made the entire process stress-free. The men arrived on time and did an awesome job. The best part of my move was the cost, coming in 340.00 BELOW what I was originally estimated.


Karrem Higgs: Thank you for making my move so stress free. We were in an apartment on the 8th floor in an elevated building. Unfortunately, towards the middle of the move, the building elevator had broken. UGH! But thanks to the moving crew, instead of waiting for the elevator people to come and fix the elevator, the three movers elected to move all of my items down 8 flights through the building's staircase. A special thank you to my entire crew—Josolito, Oliver, and Anthony—and also to the entire Father and Son family.


Vinny Vines: I really just want to send a shout out to the team that went to Brooklyn and packed up all our fragile stuff and took such good care of everything, specially my grandmother's china and our wedding gifts. You guys made everything look so easy. You guys are great. I wish I could give you a higher rating.


Christopher Brown: I could not ask for a better move. The guys in the office were patient, responsive, and answered all our questions. The estimator that came to our home before the move was very knowledgeable and helpful and explained the moving process in detail. The movers that came to my home were on time, very polite, and friendly. Most important, there were not any damages done to my furniture, and there were not any hidden fees associated with the move. Overall, Father & Son Moving made what is normally a super stressful day a whole lot easier. 5 stars!


Gerry Matthews: Father & Son Movers moved me from Irvington to Union. Great bunch of guys. The move took less time than I thought it would take. It was my first time using a moving company, and I am glad I picked this company. Father & Son was a pleasure to work with, from the office personnel to the moving men. A+++ Service.


Karen from "Universal”: We had to move our office. This was the 3rd time we have moved in the last ten years, and it was the first time using Father & Son. Father & Son Moving & Storage was the best mover we have ever used. These guys loaded and unloaded our truck with skill, speed, and efficiency. The price was exactly what they had told us, with no hidden fees, as I have experienced with the other moving companies I have used. We were very pleased. The crew was awesome. Thanks, guys.


Raul and Rose Perez: This is the first time I ever gotten movers because I can usually handle it myself; but I knew I needed help this time because of the 60" and 70" flat screen TVs I had. All the men were very careful with all my items, especially my TVS. They took apart my large 1 bedroom apartment in less than 3 hours and packed everything exceptionally well. They handled everything with great care and all men were very, very pleasant. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who needs dependable movers.


Steve Jordan: All the moving men were great in putting all my furniture and the boxes in the right room. They all had a great attitude during the entire move. They entire crew made the move so easy and pleasant. The movers were polite and patient, as there was another apartment moving at the same time in my building and were using the same elevator. I highly recommend Father & Son.


Greg Riley: I moved several times and I always used movers. In the past, I have had horrible experiences. However, Father & Son Moving & Storage made the whole experience pleasurable. The team was on time and wrapped every single piece of furniture making sure nothing was damaged. The price was 250.00 BELOW their original estimate, which I had given to the guys as a tip. Great job Joe, Davis, and Closs. Thank you Father & Son.


Jeannie and Edwardo Diaz: Davis and his team were outstanding, and there are too many other adjectives that I could use to describe the fantastic experience I had with Father & Son Moving Company. Their communication was incredible, as the office and head foreman managed my entire move the whole time it was in progress. The entire crew came equipped; they were personal and friendly and a lot of fun to be around. Not only was the move cost-effective, but they were very professional. I had two beds, a couch, and tons of personal belongings that were moved. They were very careful with my belongings and a pleasure to work around. My husband and I would recommend Father & Son, especially Davis and his crew.


Ed Curbelo: Overall, I was very satisfied with "Father & Son Moving & Storage." We moved from NYC to VA and it went extremely well. The movers did a great job. They were very PROFESSIONAL and knew exactly what they were doing. The driver inventoried all of my items at the pickup location. They disassembled and wrapped all the furniture. They delivery location was very tight for their trailer to fit. However, the driver Yoel parked the truck a football field's length away from my doorstep and voluntarily walked every single piece of furniture to my home—AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. All three moving men were awesome. I would definitely use this company again and definitely recommend them to others.


Stephanie Aber: I had two moves to complete at a very stressful time in my life. I sold my house and had almost two weeks to arrange TWO separate moves—one to Fla (for me) and one to Chatham, NJ (for my mom). I can't say enough good things about the BOTH moving crews. They took great care in wrapping and moving all the items out of my house and out of my mom’s apartment and into the two moving trucks. All moving men were extremely nice and VERY professional. I originally was very skeptical about hiring a company that I knew nothing about. I based my decision purely on the excellent ratings Father & Son had received. I am grateful for those who took the time to rate this company, making my decision to choose them much easier. Both of my moves were handled professionally. I highly recommend Father & Son Moving & Storage and will recommend to anyone looking for a quality mover.


Gerald Valinoti: Fantastic Moving Service. I couldn’t have ask for more. Father and Son Moving made our move easy and stress-free . . . and at a great price. Highly recommend.


Janet Witkowski: I used Father and Son Movers for a move from Westchester to Brooklyn at the end of July. The whole experience was great from start to finish. Joe’s team was awesome throughout the entire move. They were fast and friendly. They really did everything to assure all of our items made it into our apartment with no damage. The guys even made sure everything was clean and tidy before leaving for the night. To top it off, the final price was exactly what I was quoted without any hidden fees, as you see happening with other movers. Overall, I was very satisfied with Father and Son Movers and would hire them again.


Shannon McCully: I had a last minute move within NYC because the moving company I scheduled failed to show up. In a panic, I called several companies that couldn’t accommodate me until I called Father & Son Moving & Storage. They showed up within two hours of my call, and as promised, sent an outstanding crew. The men assured me they would take care of everything, as I was already stressed out from the no show of the other mover. I was worried how this move was going to go, since I never used Father and Son. They disassembled my wall unit, took care in wrapping all my furniture, and set all my things up in my new apartment (including putting all boxes in there correct rooms). As promised , they made my move VERY smooth. Thank you Father & Son Moving & Storage for being my movers in shining armor. I could not recommend a better company to use. 5 stars.


Christian Ellis: Everything from the price quote, to working within my budget, to all the fun time these guys have during the move was great. This family owned operation is very professional. Thank you Mr. Sal for sending us such a great team. You guys are the best.


Holly and Ed: We used Father & Son Moving & Storage for a move within Short Hills, NJ. The movers were absolutely wonderful . They were quick and meticulous. Their price came in 2 ½ hours LESS than the original written estimate. Mangro and his crew were so fast and excellent movers. They even walked my dog after the move. Lol. Great office staff. Great moving men.


JoAnne Murray: Great moving experience. No hassles though the entire process. Good pricing and careful wrapping and packing my boxes. No extra charge for stairs going up to the 2nd floor. Fast, efficient, careful handling, and placed everything exactly where I wanted it. I already recommended them to my Aunt Janet for their next move. Keep on truckin Father & Son! 😊😊😊


Chaz and Shirley Donnelly: We moved from New jersey to Florida, and this was by far the best moving company I've ever used. We do move often due to my work obligations. These movers, Yoel, Closs, and Mangro, have to be the hardest, fastest, and most amazing workers I've ever seen. They took very great care of our entire load with kid gloves. The shipment was delivered to Florida in perfect condition. I would recommend this company for your moving needs.


Charlene Curry: I have never hired movers before and the huge selection of moving companies available for use in NYC/NJ can be daunting. I decided to go with Father & Son Moving & Storage after a friend hired them for a move and had a good experience. I called Father & Son, and the estimator “Sandy” was at my home within 2 hours of my call. I was very impressed. Sandy gave me a written estimate, where the rate for my move including packing was very reasonable. All of the moving men on move day worked very quickly and were very conscientious. They moved my furniture with amazing simplicity. Not a single item was lost or damaged during my move, a feat that I did not think was possible. All and all, I had a wonderful experience with my move that was stress free. A special THANK YOU to Sandy for coming to estimate my move so quickly, and to Percy, Larry, and Fabian for the great move.


Rocky and Italia Feruggio: These guys are the best. The moving rate is the best. I booked them after another company didn't bother to show up for our move from NJ to upstate NY. Father and Son scheduled us quickly and got the move done without any last minute haggling. They blanket wrapped all our furniture, plastic wrapped bed sofa chairs, disassembled our desk table and bed, and reassembled it after they moved us in. We highly recommend them to anyone who is sick of dealing with "flaky" movers. These guys are professional. Bravo!


Terri Leahy: Father & Son Moving & Storage, what more can I say but Great Service at a Great Price. You will NOT be disappointed.


Harold, Joan, and Rosemarie Quince: Now I definitely have a mover for life. These guys did such an excellent job moving my wife and her elderly mother down the East Coast. Actually, I plan for this to be my last move. However, I would certainly recommend Father & Son Moving & Storage to all friends, family, and acquaintances.


Jeza Beli: Until my wife and I started packing up our house, we really had no idea how much stuff we had. As everything made it off the shelves and out of the drawers into boxes, I was a little amazed by just how much stuff we have accumulated over the years. I was really worried it was going to take two days to load my stuff onto the truck, including picking up the rest of the items from my mother-in-law's home. These guys blew me away. They wrapped all of our furniture, taking extra special care of my valuables, and managed to load their entire truck with BOTH loads in just one day. They were fast, pleasant, and took really good care of our stuff. At delivery, they put all our furniture and boxes where they belonged in each room so when my wife and her mother arrived that evening, they could rest from the long drive. I feel like giving credit where credit is due. If you're looking for a mover, these guys will not disappoint.


Paula Eckert: I can’t even express how well this company did with my move. They went out of their way to keep me comfortable throughout the entire process, since I was extremely nervous due to the snow. They arrived at my old place on time AND in a snowstorm. They covered all of my belongings with blankets and plastic covers to protect it from the weather. They covered all of my wood floors to assure they do not get damaged from the snow. They completed my entire move within budget and without any damage. I’m am very happy and very grateful I used this company.


Christina Orlando: The movers and office went above and beyond the call of duty.

I had a great experience with the entire move from scheduling to completion. The foreman that came to my apartment was polite and explained the moving process to me slowly and patiently. They moved everything quickly and nothing was damaged. They wrapped up all of my furniture securely. I was very pleased with the moving experience as a whole. Great office staff and great movers.


Elizabeth and Billy Townsend: We received very good service from the estimator, office management, and the moving crew. All of furniture was taken care of in a very professional way. They came in and carefully packed my apartment. When we got to my new home, the movers unloaded everything pretty quick and reassembled what was needed. The movers even placed and positioned all of our items in the correct rooms. Nothing was broken. Overall, our move was a very good experience. We will be sure to use your services again, and a special thx to Sharon and Naz at your main office.


Corey Wishner: I've always dreaded moving because of the fear of my personal belongings being damaged during a move. But, I just have to say that the crew that was sent to me (Joe, Woodrow, and Fitz) were ON TIME, EXCELLENT, PROFESSIONAL, COURTEOUS, AND VERY HARD WORKING. These men were the absolute best and made my moving experience a very pleasant one.


Kathy August: I've used movers for my last 3 moves, and it’s never been a pleasant experience until now. The guys at Father & Son Moving & Storage did a great job of arriving on time, bringing a large enough crew to move all my boxes and wrap all my furniture and pictures, delivering everything to my new place, and then spending the extra time to assemble and place all my furniture where it belongs. Everyone from the dispatcher, to the crew chief, to the guy who performed the estimate, was polite, courteous, professional, and friendly.


Michael and Antonella Grasso: I wanted to express what a great experience my wife and I had using Father & Son Movers during our move to Westchester. The crew was very careful with all our furniture, including a delicate and marble waterfall. We had several very large items which we thought may be a problem, yet the guys took care of them with minimum fuss. We were also very happy to see that the price quote was exactly what we paid. That has not been our experience in the past with other moving companies. We have already recommended Father & Son Movers to our friend and would definitely use Father and Son Moving & Storage again in a heartbeat.


Stephen Kirk: Father & Son Moving & Storage movers did a wonderful job moving our belongings. They took great care with our stuff and nothing was damaged or broken when we received it. The movers were very helpful and courteous. The actual cost was actually lower than the quote, so we are very pleased and we will use them again if we need to move again.


John Marzo: Moving to another state is always very complicated and stressful. Honestly, I can say Father & Son Moving & Storage made this transition a lot smoother. Due to my job transferring to GA, I needed an interstate mover. Based on a family recommendation, I chose Father & Son Moving Company. The estimator came to my home and gave me a binding estimate. The best part of the move came when the movers picked up my items and amazingly delivered them to Georgia in 48 hours! My hat is off to the entire staff at Father and Son.


Jenny McBratney: I just graduated from college. I had to move to PA for an amazing job offer that needed me ASAP. I was happy to find Father & Son Moving & Storage Company. They were understanding of my quick timeline and we're able to move my perishables quickly and diligently. Most important, they were ON BUDGET. I am happy with my experience with this company, and highly recommend them to others. Thanks Father & Son.


Gregory Rosen: I must admit, I was quite nervous about using a mover. I have heard some horror stories, but I am thrilled to say that Father & Son Moving & Storage provided a quality service for me and my family. They were methodical packing up our stuff, and they took their time to do it right. Great service. Two thumbs up.


Jonathan Leverette: I can't say enough about how well this move went with Father & Son Moving & Storage, so I will sum it up briefly: the communication with the entire staff from beginning to end was excellent. The pricing was excellent. The arrival time was excellent. The delivery was excellent. From start to finish, it was a really smooth move. Thank you Father & Son.


Angela Kelly: Father and Son Movers were excellent from customer service to the movers themselves. They got me out of a bind when another moving company canceled on me last minute. Everyone was great to work with. Friendly, professional, and responsive. I would definitely book them again.


Kathleen Margo: The office staff is a complete pleasure to deal with when scheduling the move. The crew are extremely professional, fast, and friendly. Moving can be so stressful, but this group (Dwight, Felix, and Jamal) will put you at ease. I HIGHLY recommend all of them. Make Father & Son your FIRST call for booking a move. It will be the ONLY call you need to make. They are the BEST!


Heidi Berkowitz: I want to thank Father & Son Moving and Storage for all your service, help, and assistance. The move was the best move I have ever had. It went so smooth; the guys were fantastic, professional, and delightful to work with. From my entire family to yours, thank you. Also, I want to wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season.


Jimmy Brown: Our move from New Jersey to Florida was great. Our move was NOT the average move, since we needed full packing due to my wife being 8 months pregnant. We have to thank Sal for his expertise and patience. Full packing services were complete in 1 day. Remarkably, 4 days later the Father & Son Moving Trailer arrived at our new home in Florida. Thanks to all the great workers at Father & Son. Thanks for the great experience. We will absolutely use Father & Son again and again.


Steven James: We were extremely pleased with the service we received from Father and Son Moving and Storage. Frank and his crew really hustled and worked very hard to move us. All of the moving men were polite and very experienced. Nothing was broken or damaged. They packed the truck wisely and efficiently. We were referred to them through a friend and will pass the referral onto others. Thanks guys, you were all great.


Katie Faulkner: We recently moved from a condo into our new house. Father & Son Moving & Storage team helped make this by far the easiest move we have ever done. The day of the move we were still wrapping up our belongings. When Rafiel arrived with his crew, they were very accommodating and helped us to finish up our packing. They are the friendliest and most professional movers you will ever find. Everything was delivered in great condition at a great price. A special Thank You to Rafiel, Mark, and Woodrow.


Lisa Marchiana: I was so hesitant to book a mover from all the crazy stories one hears about movers. However, my move could not have gone any smoother. Dwight and Rausen were so incredibly nice and professional. They brought my belongings from NJ to PA with no problems. Reliability with exceptional value. I highly recommend these two guys for your move. Thank you Dwight and Rausen. Thank you Father & Son Movers.


Trisha O: Hands down, Father and Son’s the best moving company. We've had our share of really crappy and cheating movers before who have either not shown up on the day of the move or were really careless about our stuff. We gave Father & Son Moving a call based on my brother-in-law’s recommendation. We had a great move.


Debbie Trumarchi: My overall experience with this company was amazing. What a great bunch of guys working there. First, the office was so nice and gave me all the information I needed about moving. They made me feel special and appreciated. Then, an estimator came to my home to give me a written estimate. Dispatch called me two days before our scheduled day to confirm our moving date. The men arrived on time (actually a little early). The men, whose names were Fitz, Mike, and Kevin, were polite, soft spoken, and so respectful of our belongings. They worked their butts off, never even taking a break for lunch. My only problem the whole day was that I couldn't afford to give the men a bigger tip! 😊 I would recommend these guys to EVERYONE!


Kenny Woodley: I have used Father & Son Moving & Storage 4 times in 3 years after being referred to them by my daughter, who had used them twice in the past. They have been great movers each and every time. I hate moving and hope to stay settled this time. However, I would not hesitate to use them again, if need be.


Jan Worrell: I was recommended to this company "Father & Son Moving & Storage" through a co-worker of mine. The crew was efficient, friendly, and particularly very careful with all my stuff. I would engage this company again and certainly recommend them to any one of my family or friends. Sincerely, Jan Worrell, New Jersey.


Jerry Roth: These moving guys are really great. It was a top-notch and stress-free move. I had to move my 2 bedroom apartment from a storage facility in Staten Island to my apartment in Staten Island. I was so happy to see that everything went great. Their price was exactly what they quoted me. You can 100% rely on this moving company.


Cassie Rodriguez: Great job guys. If you are moving, definitely use Father & Son. I booked over the phone with the moving representative Kim, who is just great. I listed all the things I had to move. She listened carefully and gave me solid moving advice. She set up for an estimator (Sandy) to come out to my home to see my items. Sandy, who has been with Father & Son for over 40 years, gave me valuable and experienced moving advice. On moving day, all three movers were amazing. All the moving were in uniform, on time, cheerful, respectful, and careful with my items. Even better, they would not let me lift even a single finger. They handled all the furniture and boxes with the same care as if it were their own. Use them: you won't be disappointed.


Albert Rapillo: We had a great experience with our move. All the movers were very hard working. Excellent packing and unpacking service. The team Dennis, Lance, and Mark were awesome. The only negative is that they would not take our BBQ propane tanks onto the truck. However, the movers made our move a pleasurable experience overall. Thank you to your entire staff.


Evelyn Culkin: I just moved this past weekend and with the help of Percy and his crew, I had an exceptional moving experience. They were quick and careful with my belongings. They covered all of my brand new wood floors with Masonite to protect it from any potential damage. The men were genuinely nice and courteous, introducing themselves by name to my entire family who had been helping me with the move. I highly recommend Father & Son Moving & Storage.


Sam Eckert: The whole move was a great experience. The furniture was protected, and they set all the furniture up where we wanted it placed. Nice and friendly movers. Overall, a good moving experience and at a good price.


Allison Brunton: The price quote was to the penny. The staff was very knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. I recommend this company.


Patty Burke: My name is Patty Burke and I moved from Cranford, NJ to Charleston, SC. I used Father & Son Moving & Storage for my moving needs. The movers took great care in handling of all our belongings, and delivery of the furniture was completed and set up in my new home in only 2 days. I was also pleased with the price that we paid for the move, conforming to my written estimate they had given. I would recommend Father & Son Moving & Storage, since they did exceed my moving expectations.


Joseph Sherman: I had a really good experience with Father & Son Moving & Storage from my first conversation with the estimator Dana—who was very helpful and caring of my move—to the professionalism of the moving men who completed my move. Father & Son Moving & Storage: A service!


Charlotte Brown: I moved from Whitestone, NY to Brooklyn, New York. All my belongings were completely wrapped in blankets. My three-piece wall unit was professionally disassembled and reassembled by the moving crew. All and all, a great move. I would absolutely use them again if I move and would recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable and efficient moving company.


Laura Hayden: I just had the easiest move of my life. Truly, these moving guys were ridiculously good! Ask for Anthony, Horan, and Wesley. They were the best!


Margaret Smith: The movers showed up on time in the morning to load up my items and delivered all of my items to my new home by noon. They did an excellent job wrapping up my belongings and made sure no pieces of furniture were damaged. My granite dining room table had been crated by the Father and Son foreman like it had come to me directly from the factory. Professional company. I will definitely use their services again.


Lawrence Freeman: I have been meaning to write this review for a while now. A friend of mine just asked me to refer them to a good moving company, and now I can honestly share my amazing experience I had with Father and Son Movers. I moved from Marlboro, NJ to Freehold, NJ. The move was fantastic. The office personal was very friendly and informative, while the in-home estimator (Sandy) was extremely experienced. The movers were 5 star type guys. These guys are the real deal. From the wrapping and the packing to the delivery and the set up—AWESOME GUYS!


Jiyean Kim: Super fast, efficient, and reasonably priced! What else can you ask for in a mover?


Anita Chambers: Gotta love these folks Michael, Asim, and McAdams. They had to move a slate pool table for me out of my basement and into the truck. Unfortunately, the pool table did NOT fit up my winding staircase. NO WORRIES, Mike states. He immediately decided to take my basement window out of its frame. All of the moving men literally carried my pool table out the window and into the truck! Thereafter, Mike re-installed my window to perfection. What an exceptionally professional experience. The best moving experience I have ever had. All you guys deserve a raise. 😊


Freddy Rogers: This company’s service is IMPECCABLE. I had to move from Millstone, NJ to Rumson, NJ. The estimator came to my home and had given me a written binding estimate. Once I have engaged Father and Son Movers, the very next day three trucks and a crew of 12 movers arrived at my home for the relocation. As other movers had stated to me, “this is a three day move.” Fortunately, I hired the right mover: Father and Son Moving & Storage. Their men were extremely experienced, professional, and fast. They completed my entire move, a 7800 sq. ft. home, in ONE DAY ONLY. All the men were incredible, especially Mangro—he is a beast! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Brandon Gary: The move was 100% professional, friendly, and damage-less. Thank god, or my wife would have killed me. Lol. Anyway, my things arrived in perfect condition and the final invoice was exactly what I had agreed to. I'm about as picky as they come, and I was completely blown away by the service and experience I had with Father and Son. They are a super mover.


Margaret Davis: Father & Son Moving is a professional company that knows the business. Their customer service from contract signing to follow up (post-move) was impeccable. They have communicated with me every step of the way. The wonderful guys they have working with them are no different. They took great care of my stuff and worked quickly and carefully to make sure the move went off without a hitch.


Jose Moore: It was my first time ever using any moving services, and I would definitely recommend Father & Son Moving. I was moving my personal effects from my apartment in NYC to NYC. I thought I could move everything on my own by using Uber. Boy was I wrong. When everything did NOT fit in the Uber car, I called Father and Son Moving Company for help. They responded quickly and arrived to my apartment within 1 hour of my call. I cannot thank them enough for their expedited service.


Jennifer Clarence: I had a very good moving experience with Father and Son, far superior from any other movers that I've ever used. Mike handled my initial move inquiry, then came to my home to give me an estimate, and even a followed up after the move to ensure that I was a happy customer. He even sent me coloring books for my 4-year-old daughter after the move. The moving crew he sent to do my moving job was extremely professional. My entire moving process was pleasurable. Thank you Mike.


Clair Williams: Simply put, I had an excellent moving and storage experience with Father and Son Moving and Storage. From the packing of all my items to the storage of all of my items and to the redelivery of my items. I even requested a FREE month storage, which was granted to me by “Mike,” the office manager. All around, it was a great experience. Highly recommended.


Jacqueline Herlett: I had a good experience with Father and Son. All the workers were pretty nice. They custom wrap all your furniture, as was not the case with another mover I had used in the past. All my furniture arrived without any damage. They walked all of my items up 3 floors without any complaints. The price for my move was exactly the same as I had been quoted. Excellent company with great prices.


Lisa Rogers: The three gentlemen who helped me move were fabulous. They made me feel safe and comfortable and always checked in with me to make sure they were doing their job perfectly. They were all nice guys, and they are funny too. Never thought moving could be so enjoyable. I loved their energy and hard work. I recommend Father & Son Moving for your next move.


Eddie Campbell: I had a fantastic experience with Father & Son. The only negative I will add is that the movers arrived at 8:00 am instead of 9:30 am, as scheduled. Initially, this was a problem since our building elevators were not available for commercial use until 9:30 am. However, all the movers patiently waited in their truck until the expected 9:30 am start time without complaint. Thereafter, my entire move went smooth. Most important, the price remained the same as on my original estimate form.


Nick Avanti: I had a commercial move from Brooklyn, NY to NYC. Most of my items were very heavy and bulky to move. On move date, the foreman arrived with steel dollies, hand trucks, and Johnson bars to accommodate the weight of my items, just as the estimator “Sandy” had promised. All of the movers did a very good job of moving my heavy and bulky items. Nothing was damaged, as we all have heard some moving horror stories. Furthermore, the building I was moving into was very picky with protecting the elevators and flooring. This did not turn out to be an issue. Dwight, the crew chief, did pad the elevator with elevator padding and did protect the floor with Masonite. I have to say Sensational Job. I highly recommend your company.


Michael Watson: I need storage ASAP, since my landlord had sold the apartment building and had given all of his tenants 30 days to vacate. During that time period, I could not find an apartment so quickly and elected to call Father and Son’s Storage division. Within 24 hours of my call, Father and Son had an estimator at my door giving me a moving and storage quote. On the move date, the crew chief did a complete inventory of all my items to assure me of all items he was taking. That made me feel very secure. All the men worked diligently the entire day, from my home and to their storage facility. They placed all my items into the storage room very carefully, as I do have expensive items. Three months later, I finally found a place and requested that same crew to deliver all of my items to my new apartment. In a nutshell, my entire moving and storage experience was pleasurable. If you need professional moving crew and an extremely clean storage facility, call Father and Son.

Billy Vincent: Great move. Thank you, Anthony, James, and Mark. The crew was so professional, they even helped carry my disabled son in his wheelchair from the 2nd floor downstairs to the 1st floor! I was very impressed with your professionalism and good nature. I definitely recommend this company, especially the crew I had mentioned.


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